Tuesday, March 30, 2010

march wind

The Bear dog is pacing, nervous about the weather change, he doesn't want to go outside- really strange. I think it's the annoying wind. And the wind is really annoying- it's 60 some-odd degrees out today, but you can't go out to enjoy it since there is a 'strong breeze' that's weatherman speak for hurricane on land happening.

The sun and even the clouds are obscured by this crazy dirt haze that's swirling all around, ruining all of my good intentions to go walking or even to the store and walk the crazy dog. I don't think I can walk out without getting my face sandblasted off and sand in my eyes. The lawn must wait-patiently.

It's a good thing I feel like baking today right? Bananas need to be used and beans are begging to be roasted- but not together I think. And I'm sure I can fit in some reading now too- I think it'll be a good day despite the whipping wind.

Oh I know that March is supposed to be windy- good kite flying weather and all- but the whole sand storm need a new paint job for the car stuff is a bit much. I didn't think I'd ever say anything like this in March - but I'll take snow over this any time, so bring it on mother nature I promise not to complain.


  1. I don't like the kind of wind when sand blows around either. It makes me feel like I'm in the dust bowl or something.


    PS. Hope you get some better weather soon!

  2. So it's your fault then! :) Ha. I know, that dusty wind was obnoxious but when it stopped I really was hoping it wouldn't snow like this. Bleh. Oh well... Melt, my friend, melt.

  3. Wind,snow,... when are we going to see some nice warm weather? I'm going crazy!!!!