Monday, March 29, 2010

plotting and planting

I'm in charge of the food for the annual family Easter party this year (I got out of the Christmas party- only because we didn't have it this year and I didn't miss it either). I'm making ribs and pulled pork- in a smoker that is the coolest thing ever. Ok, so I'm really probably just going to stand there and watch while our neighbor John does all of the real work- but I'll get all the credit with the family- nice right? I was also able to borrow an Easter bunny costume from another neighbor and now I just need to bribe one of the grown nephews into it... we'll see who takes the bait.

The lawn fertilizer stuff was purchased today- hopefully this system will work to help us keep our lawn from winning the trashiest lawn on the block award, third year running. I have high hopes, so I'd better not be disappointed. Also we're trying to decide what to plant in the garden this year, mostly we've just decided lots and lots of beans- for my roasting pleasure.

Speaking of dashes/hyphens whatever you prefer to call them- I know they are not supposed to be used as a comma, etc. but I like them and will continue to use them at my discretion.


  1. I like dashes too...and dots...

    Our lawn is so far beyond help that my husband says he's going to kill it off and have it re-sodded. Weeds have completely infiltrated it, I guess.

    Your pulled pork sounds delish. It's one of my favorites!


  2. I wish I was having your Easter dinner RIGHT NOW! Sounds delish!!