Monday, March 8, 2010

strep 2-jess 0

I'm seriously so annoyed, twice in three weeks- what are the odds? I think I'm making up for going 6 years without being sick. The worst part of it all- I have yet to see 2 (count 'em-2) brand spanking new babies. and really what is better than new babies, nothing is what.

I have a new niece, can't wait to see her. I'm sure she's beautiful, but I wouldn't really know. And my cute friend had a beautiful baby boy. I'd love to go cuddle and sniff their heads (cause that's the best smell ever-fountain of youth even) give moms a break, take some dinner over-you know love them by feeding them. but I have to wait. so so rude Mr. strep.

On a less complaining note I'm actually really grateful for antibiotics. seriously. death one day, not so much the next. The only lingering thing is the pain when I yawn, and that's just weird. I love a good yawn, but lately I have to stifle them so I don't feel like I'm ripping my throat in two, and that leaves the yawn very unsatisfying- and what's worse than an unsatisfied yawn?


  1. Jess, since you caught it twice in a row, you should have the others in your family tested. Sometimes one of them is carrying the strep without seeing ill.

    In the meantime, get well soon and go see those babies!


  2. Jess you are the best! I am so sorry you have been yucky sick. And that painful strep-throat-yawn is my least favorite thing :( Get better soon!