Friday, April 2, 2010

license and registration please

When I was a senior in high school my cute friend Mary and I had this thing- we hated PDA, loathed it even. I mean really- smooching in the halls in high school, come on, it was just gross. So we took matters into our own hands and formed the PDAP- we had felt sheriff's stars and squirt guns and everything. We would go around and squirt offenders, you know like how you squirt a dog to stop bad behaviors. It was funny and we had a blast- and we really did clean up the halls of PHS.

That torch has been passed to The Schroeder, except he doesn't use squirt guns- just a scary cop voice. Case in point- last night in the church parking lot, right under the lights even-ugh, there were two teenagers were making out. Sheriff Schroeder took his scary voice out and told those kids to go home. And just before Christmas the sheriff stopped a couple of kids from procreating- just call him Mr. Abstinence. Gross I know- but really what do you do when, while innocently taking your child out to do donuts in the church parking lot, you come upon a dark and steamy car- with no apparent occupants. He knocks on the window is what.

Teenagers fear him, their parents unknowingly owe him, and Emma will one day be embarrassed to even know him.


  1. Love that last, rhyming line.

    I cracked up that you were the PDAP. I think we would have been great friends in high school. (If time travel were possible, I'd test that theory!)


  2. Hilarious! Well... someone's gotta do it!