Sunday, April 4, 2010

a sucker for compliments

I think in my attempt to impress The Schroeder's family, I may have made my life much much harder. See I was in charge of food for the family Easter party- so what did I do? I delegated is what, it's a new and useful tool that I have discovered through my calling. My fantastic neighbor, and home teacher John made this smoker, I know he made the sucker- and magically when you put meat inside and wait a few hours, out comes the most amazing and tasty food known to man. So I took said food to the in-law's for the party, and now everyone is nominating me to be the forever in charge of food lady.

Yes I know everyone practically gorged themselves on the ribs and pulled pork- the side dishes went nearly untouched- but that doesn't make me want be in charge every time. Compliments forever- sure I'll take them, known as the best family party food ever- absolutely. I'm happy to be the sister in law cook of legends, but I don't want to do it all of the time. It's a hard line to walk I tell you.

Maybe if I would have made it clear the I wasn't in any way shape or form responsible for the tastiness of the food I may have been ok, but how do you not accept compliment after piled on compliment, it's just not graceful or tactful (and I'm so known for my tact). Even after I explained how John really did all of the work and let me 'help' only because I felt bad about him doing it all- even though I really didn't do anything of real use, to no avail. So no0w I have to figure out how to undo this mess. Maybe next time I'll show up with cereal and milk- that might do the trick.


  1. yay john!!! say, he burned his smoker and there's no way to do it again.

  2. Yummy. I wish I'd been there to sample the goodies. I LOVE that kind of stuff.

    I think the cereal and milk are a good idea for the future...