Tuesday, April 6, 2010

dead solar batteries

Spring Break is over- The Girl Child had to go back to school today, neither of us was ready for that, but somehow we managed. What ever happened to week long school breaks? It's not like she gets out of school exceptionally early or starts late, there is only 1 month during the summer that she doesn't attend school at all. I know, I know 3 days in June and August isn't much- but it's still only July- the glorious month of July that is untouched by the long reaching tentacles of school. I like my kid for Pete's sake, and school is not daycare. But alas I'm ranting again, how does that happen?

So I should be spending this time getting my house ready- my mama is coming to visit- for Emma's baptism you know. Sheets need to be laundered, the downstairs bathroom needs to be freshened and stocked, the regular chores need to be attended to as well, I have a few loads of laundry to put away- that would require folding them first I know. And yet here I sit looking at the snow and the gray dreary clouds, wondering why spring has left me sun-less. I think I run on solar energy, and I haven't seen the sun enough lately to fully charge my battery.

On a more energetic cleaning note, Emma mopped the floor for me yesterday- it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Not just because it was a sweet gesture, and it was, but I'm plotting and planning. Now she can mop the floor in her bathroom, one more chore she can do for herself. It's enough to make a mother weep I say. Oh I know some people think I'm a cruel and heartless mom, making that poor child clean and all. But really I'm doing her a service, she'll thank me later I just know it.


  1. She WILL thank you later! Really!! And she will feel more competent in the world because you will have taught her to act upon it.

    So...I say, "Good job, Jess." And congratulations to both of you on the upcoming baptism. What a great time in life...And it's a delightful age for the parent, as well.


  2. I feel the same about the weather - dang prankster! Congrats with the baptism! That's exciting that your mom is coming to visit! Hope she's doing wonderful - from what I hear things have been good so far!

    And you are right! She will thank you when she is off to college and she's one of the only ones in her dorm that knows how to mop a floor! :)