Friday, April 9, 2010

nearly disabled

I have this head full of stuff- some useless trivia, some random thoughts, snarkyslashwitty and exceptionally rude comments- you know stuff. The problem with all of this stuff in my full head is that it comes out at the most inappropriate of times, it's almost a disability. like tourretes or something.

I frequently need a glass of water to wash down the foot the I insert into my big mouth- why oh, why am I such a flibbidijibbit? That's a fun word by the way- ever seen Joe vs the volcano?

But seriously I think I should have some sort of warning label permanently attached to my forehead just so people know that it's just me and my random blurting- and not to call for a white snuggly coat for me- you know the kind that help you give yourself a tight hug in a padded white room.

I don't think I can relate the most recent tale of my inappropriate comment blurting- it's far too embarrassing, maybe once the heat in my face fades enough, and sufficient time has passed for the poor unsuspecting victim of said blurting to forget the whole incident, I can relate it to you. but until then you'll just have to wonder and imagine.