Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The Schroeder has an "office" at home- the problem with the home office is that he's home. I know, obvious right, but I didn't take into account the hang out factor. see when we're both home we like to hang out and talk. Which is fantastic and wonderful- when all of the work is done, but the talking gets in the way of me getting the stuff done that I need to. So the home office had to be closed during the day, and basically I had to kick him out.

-Sorry Schroeder but the laundry doesn't do itself- and I like you too much to do it when you're here- you're way too fun to hang out with. at least we know what to expect when it's retirement time right?

I think it should be turned into a den type room, or move the wood stove down stairs and make a great mud room out of the entry and turn this into another bed room- I'll draw up the plans and you can let me know.

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  1. Can't wait to see your ideas. And I would have trouble not hanging out with my husband if he worked at home, too.

    Of course, retirement is not so far off for us!