Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Red neck-ed

Ever feel like you've been so busy all day getting the little stuff done that it seems like you didn't do anything at all? But don't those days just make you feel all discombobulated? I think I lost a whole day to that very thing, here I was thinking it was Tuesday and then out of nowhere BAM- it's actually Wednesday.

The flower bed is prepped and ready for some pretty flowers, I just need to figure out what to plant- that's where it gets tricky, I don't have the best flower choosing skills. I don't know what looks nice together- so I just pick a hodge-podge mix of flowers and it ends up looking like a 4 year old was in charge. Maybe this year I can find someone who knows what they're doing and plagiarize the crap out of them-yes?

I mean what goes well with hot pink peonies and lamb's ear- those are the perennial flowers gracing the flower patch- really what balances them? Someone has to know, cause I sure don't. Also the mower is getting it's annual tune up so I may be able to mow the lawn tomorrow- all in my quest for the not having the crappiest yard on the street, for the third year running. I didn't realize it was such a monumental task when I determined to make us a little less red neck-ed {not to be confused with red naked- when you sun bathe on the French Rivera sans sunscreen}


  1. Boy, I wish I could help you on this one. I love flowers, but I am far from a good consultant on them.

    (Neither am I a great consultant on the sunbathing, naked or otherwise...)


  2. Wish I could help with your flower choosing problem, but I have the same problem myself. My flower beds look awful!! Jeff says that we may have to break down next year and actually pay someone to come and tell us what to do, since I've made them look like junk. Good luck!