Thursday, April 15, 2010

underwear gone all wrong

An Open Letter-

Ladies- I understand that the trend from regular undies to thongs was to eliminate the VPL, I get it you- don't want undie lines. So how did it go from wanting to conceal all vestiges of underwear to practically showing the whole dang thing?

Somehow things went all wrong in the quest to be less conspicuous about the underoos. Do you remember underoos, and undies used to have the days of the week on the front -ok so Girl Child's actually do, and probably will until she buys her own- still those were the glory days. But weren't they? I love the little sets too, with the matching undershirts and the cartoon characters.

And now look at us- just look and you're bound to see full on visible panties, no need to worry about the lines- the whole dang thing is there for the world to cringe at.

So, Ladies of a certain underwear preference, when you bend over to retrieve the item you dropped I'd rather not have to shield my eyes, and those of my highly curious 8 year old, from your very visible underthings. Please, please I beg put it away for the love of Pete! Seriously people crack kills.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. I think that thong underwear is hideous. And even more so when it shows, which is far too often.