Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blistered in the sun

I'm really glad I'm not a pioneer woman, they had it hard- physically. I'd like to think I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but I know I have a low tolerance for annoying-ness.

Let me explain; a headache is annoying- it hurts yeah, but mostly just annoying, blisters are very annoying, but what do you do about them- suck it up is what.

And those pioneers, they had a whole life of sucking it up. Oh I know we have it hard in different ways- but seriously they had to suck it up with no air conditioning even.

I couldn't imagine doing the laundry, my nemesis of all housekeeping, their way- scrubbing the clothes in homemade lye soap, standing over boiling kettles all the live long day. Sheesh my shoulders hurt just thinking of it. We'd be much smellier and dirtier than we are now if that was the way of things. Thank heavens for huge capacity washers- but don't you agree?

I think I would be one giant sun-burned blister had I been a pioneer, and I'm kind of glad for my own stuff I have to suck up when I think of that.


  1. I would have had a hard time being a pioneer, too. I'm blind as a bat, for one thing, and if anything happened to my glasses (if I could even afford glasses as a pioneer), I'd be sunk.

    I could, however, have fed every child on the wagon train.

    {plentiful milk supply}

  2. Seriously... don't we take for granted all our perks? I mean, it used to be a day trip to get to Draper. We are so fortunate for all we have these days!

  3. were you in the ward when sis edmunds spoke at an evening stake thing? i was a big fan and flew out from california when i was at chico state. anyway, in it she said something like, "i think i was up in heaven and when the lord said who wants to go pull handcarts across the plains? i said, oh ma'am go right ahead, i'll wait for the luxury cars, air conditioning, and drive thru's." hahahaha, i always think about that when i think of the pioneers 'cause we ALL know i would not have been pulling a handcart. i would have stayed behind for sure, lol.

  4. When I think about being a pioneer I think about sweating in those long, hot dresses with all the layers underneath. And I sweat like not many people do, I'm sad to say. I would have been an outcast on the trail, staying far downwind. And I would have probably died on the trail. From the smell of myself. I like being stressed out with today's problems (but delightfully sweet smelling!) much better!
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