Thursday, April 22, 2010

confessions of a mother bear

Ok I know my kid isn't, by any means, perfect. If I'm being truthful, she's actually at the most annoying age of childhood, and sometimes I'm too happy about bedtime. I can say these things, because I love her, no matter what- even if she is being a stinker; however, anyone else says something, and the mama bear comes out.

A person who has a child the same age as mine (one of the male variety) made a comment that set my teeth on edge and got my hackles right up. It's just a good thing they were leaving, or my snotty comment would have been blurted- and I would have had some repenting to do.

Her comment: Wow- she's outta control.

I confess, Girl Child was being obnoxious, really obnoxious even, but definitely not out of control.

The irony:Her kids are frequently out of control.

Example: last year said boy child pinned down girl child and spit on her face. But isn't that disgusting? If that isn't naughty and out of control then my name isn't smarty pants. Thankfully I've recently sworn off of cannibalism, and didn't eat her for lunch, and therefore kept my grace and good manners in tact- for now anyway.


  1. Excellent restraint, Jess. Well done.


  2. People can really make the most ignorant comments sometimes.

  3. I've been where you are, and it's so hard for me to keep my irritation to myself. Do you remember, before you had kids, sitting next to someone who's kid was being really bad and saying smugly to yourself that YOUR child would never be that bad. How often have you had to eat your words? Yeah, me too... Best advice? Give your child an extra hug and big smoochy kiss and don't worry about what anyone else says. They won't ever understand how amazing she is - they're just not that lucky! (But seriously, it makes you want to smack someone, doesn't it?)