Tuesday, April 27, 2010

naked barbie maids

Yesterday, I intended to get lost of work done inside the house. Get the guest room ready, mop the floor, clean bathrooms-since my Mama is coming today- yay!

None of that actually happened, see it was perfectly weathered outside, AND I even remembered to put sunscreen on. So I took that as a sign that the yard work should be commenced, and I was right. I have accomplished my goal- we do not have the worst lawn on the block, and it's not even May. There aren't even bedding plants in either- I'm feeling pretty smug right now in case you were wondering.

All of my inside projects sit half completed- and I will officially have people staying here in less than 12 hours.

seriously it's time to get all of the naked barbies out of the tub and off of the floor so I can scrub away, and yet here I sit typing away- while they lie there creeping the dog out. It's a good thing that I work well under pressure, because eventually the laundry will need to be put away and the floor will need to be mopped and the bed made up.

Must turn on work music for additional motivation, cause those naked barbies don't clean the tub that they live in- rent free I might add.


  1. Music always gets my cleaning mojo working, too. Barbies in the tub? Not so much.

    I'm excited for you with your mom coming. Have a great time!


  2. You are a girl after my own heart. I like your style! Enjoy yo mama and have a wonderful visit!

  3. What is it about barbies always having to be naked?! I swear I buy tons of clothes and yet there they lay--necked and plastic..hope you have a great time with your family.