Tuesday, May 11, 2010

all about nothing

Today is one of those days where I have nothing to say, but I'm going to blog anyway. You've been warned.

So I saw this really great set of books at Deseret Book, a compilation of girl-approved books: Austen x 3, Bronte (imagine the two dot thingy over the e), Alcott, Burnett, Orczy, Montgomery.

I covet it. It's a sin I know. But they're bound so beautifully, and I could read for days and not come up for air even. My Emma and I could read them together, ok so maybe it would be a few years before she's ready for some of them, but little women and the secret garden- totally age appropriate.

While I was dreaming of those books I realized I should be doing something, so I started folding the laundry. I found the dryer sheet and went to throw it away and started cleaning the kitchen. When I started putting stuff away that was piled on the counters I cleaned in the room that I put stuff away in- it's official; I have cleaning ADD. I have too many half way cleaned rooms and jobs- but not one is done, or even done enough that I could call it done and walk away.

So I walked away from it all and started writing- do you see the method in my madness? If so could you explain it to me.

OOH- the Schroedad is home, I've got to move some piles to make it appear as if I've gotten something done.


  1. That is a really nice set...and I like the selections, too.


  2. This is EXACTLY how I clean. This needs to go here, so . . . oh, now that bowl needs to go back downstairs.
    Explanation: none.
    Thank you.

  3. We clean alike - very hard for me to complete just 1 task. It's more like 1 little task turns into a whole day's work. It's hard to be us sometimes. But I like that you read and that little one reads. The Secret Garden - I've only read it about 50 times, starting when I was about your daughter's age. Beautiful set of books! I approve - of you, your method of cleaning, of the book set.

  4. Cleaning--we are supposed to be cleaning?!

    Now the books--thats a different story. Definitely a "my Precious" that belongs on my shelves. I have been eyeing them online.