Tuesday, May 18, 2010

last year's rafting trip- flaming gorge

10 days and counting- summer is almost here- can you taste it? I have a beef though...but don't I always?

I think school should be out from Memorial day to Labor day, cause seriously what's the point of going to school for 3 days after the Memorial day break? None is what- lame all around.

It's pretty sad when parents, parents I say, can be heard singing under their breath those lines from long, long ago. You know 'school's out for summer'(Alice Cooper right?). That's when it becomes apparent that a vacation of some sort is required to restore any vestiges of sanity and mental stability.

And thanks, again, to my next-door neighbors, we're going camping and river rafting. I can always count on them to plan our family vacation - and for it to turn out great.


  1. Sounds like the right kind of neighbors to have! And you're right, Memorial Day should be the beginning of summer vacation...


    PS. The Latin means, "I carry you in my heart," taken from the ee cummings poem by the same name. (I used that poem in the "circle time" story I wrote for Christmas one year, applying it to the members of our family and the Savior. I used Latin because I knew my guys wouldn't wear the custom-inscribed vinyl bands I'd ordered if the words were in English.) Too corny. But a couple of them are still wearing those bands, years later.

  2. it's the dang no child left behind rules. sigh. gotta be checking those boxes with a mark of "they were there this many days." sigh. can't believe how much em has changed in a year!