Thursday, May 20, 2010

benefits of a pact with the devil

Today I had to bust out the magic eraser, you know that weird white sponge that cleans anything off of everything. Crayon on the walls, pen on the floor, general destruction that comes from smallish humans living in the vicinity. There were many smallish humans in my vicinity today- 6 to be exact- and it was so much fun!

I'm sure that whoever created this thing made a pact with the devil. There is no other logical explanation for what it can do. I suppose it's lucky for me that they did- I get the benefits of the waterless sponge miracle without having to sell my soul or guess his name or trade my firstborn child or anything.

And the cleaning mojo the white sponge of magic, possessed me with a desire to rid my home of all dirt- and, well my house is glad for it. That kitchen sparkled like the sequins on a Vegas show girl's costume.
But isn't it fabulous?

The sunshine didn't even distract me, not even with his rays lasting well past dinner time now. I had the will power of a yo yo dieter in the 'new diet phase'. Alas it'll probably only last that long.


  1. i too have a testimony of magic eraser. Hyrum has a virulent strain of "write on everything he sees." magic eraser has saved his life more than once.

  2. I must get me one of these magic erasers. I think it would come in handy with the grandbabies.

  3. I've never heard of the magic eraser. Just shows I'm out of the loop these days on the newest and greatest mommy inventions.