Monday, May 24, 2010

pain and torture part 1

I started p.t. for my elbow today, it took an hour and a half- 30 minutes of which was painful and slightly torturous. Ok so only part of it is torture- when I get to have a whirlpool for my arm, that's nice, and even the ultrasound is warm and snugly. The exercises aren't bad either.

It's the part where the therapist stretches my arm and gets it to flex and extend beyond what it has been doing for quite sometime, and then the ice. I hate the ice part.

Even after I've been pulled and stretched further than I can go by myself it still feels good. Then they put the ice on for 15 whole minutes and therein lies the torture. I feel like it solidifies again- just after I worked so hard to even get halfway to the consistency of a jelly fish. Wasted effort when the ice goes on it's right back to the tin man, you know, squeaky and in-need-of-oil-hinged.

I must lather, rinse, repeat 3 times a week- hopefully for no longer than 2 weeks, apparently I haven't met my deductible yet.

The good news- I touched my shoulder today, first time in 8 weeks, not by myself though. that's my goal- touch my shoulder before my next session.


  1. LOVE love love the new header. What about your baby girl all growed up!

  2. I'll be rootin' for ya!


  3. May i ask what you did to yourself? Maybe I missed something - I've been under the fog of illness all week.