Friday, May 28, 2010

today's lesson: no whining

This Sunday is 5th sunday, and I have to teach. Since I forgot to schedule it in to our teaching schedule, and I didn't want to redo it yet again, I decided to come up with my own lesson. I'm sure I'll only fill half of the time and then be sad I didn't just teach from a a manual and redo the dang schedule again, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Hopefully Lehi's family will hold their attention for the whole hour. The lesson is about the differences in the amount of effort each put into gaining a testimony and the consequences of their choices. I'll give you the run down.

So Nephi- he's the youngest, he prays and thinks about the visions his father has- and he gets to see them, and gains a testimony.

And Sam- Older than Nephi but not the eldest, prays about it and trusts his father and Nephi. He has faith and gains a testimony.

Laman & Lemuel- the elder brothers- not so much, they do wonder but don't pray and then just bicker and fight, never gain a testimony and they end up dwindling in unbelief.

Even after L&L saw angels, heard the voice of God, were shocked by the power of God they still never gained a testimony, why? They never put any effort into it, and they kept thinking how they'd be better off in Jerusalem, and they complained- a lot. point of story- don't whine, and do some work, and some other such moral. Hopefully the youth will get it- and I will manage somehow not to slaughter it even more than I already have. Maybe I should take food- that's pretty much a free pass right?


  1. Food is always a good back-up, But..I'm sure your lesson will be pretty darn great. In fact, I will be skipping my class to come to your to hear it. Won't you just love that ;0)

  2. Good luck Sunday! (And yes, food makes up for almost anything in a Sunday School class...)


  3. My comment from yesterday, about food being a free pass for anything in Sunday School, doesn't seem to have made it up here. Maybe I accidentally clicked the wrong button.

    I am quite certain, however, that your lesson will be compelling! They love the Laman and Lemuel stuff...


  4. I think it's always difficult to present a concept that you've gained an understanding of through some work on your part, and just plain life experience to kids who have had no such need or experience. Once in awhile you get lucky and have some special ones in the class, but it's hard to score those home runs. Good luck - I have a feeling you're good at this, but I'll send some prayers your way in support of the endeavor. And cookies never hurt anything. Assuaging hunger can be a humbling experience. At least it keeps the wise cracks at bay. Hard to talk when you're chewing cookies.