Monday, May 31, 2010

yesterday's lesson: meh

Sunday's Lesson Report- in technicolor flames now with a post script

I toiled over this lesson for months, months I say, result: meh. I think this means I shouldn't teach the combined lesson again. Seriously at one point I actually said 'cricket, cricket' into the microphone- it was on- and still no response.

I could understand the lack of commentating if it were before 10 - but our church starts at 11:30, so I'm left with the realization that it was my so-so teaching and lesson that elicited this reaction- and not just from the youth, most of the leaders were awfully quiet too. Not sure where I went wrong, (even donuts were served just so their blood sugar levels would be nice and high) so I'm left slightly confused about it all.

On a more exciting note we BBQ-ed and had ourselves a huge grease fire on the grill- flames shooting into the sky, melting the chair that sat next to it huge. It was like the 4th of July, a red neck 4th, but still I felt a strange urge to say the pledge and sing the Star Spangled Banner.

It's what I envisioned the stadium of fire to be like when I was younger, I also wondered how people survived it- so it just goes to show that I had a much better imagination, sick as it was, when I was younger. I wonder what happened to that crazy imagination of mine.

p.s. It was the ym/yw combined lesson that I taught- that in and of itself may have had some bearing on the lack of response


  1. Just hopped over here for the first time from Jen @ denton sanatorium, and I feel your pain! I taught RS yesterday-I teach the 4th Sunday (this month 5th because of the Gila Valley Temple dedication was broadcast on the 23rd--I know TMI), and it always pains me. At least the sisters usually speak up, what you described is one of the top 5 reasons I never want to teach Gospel Doctrine. I just may have nightmares tonight. At least you had your own Stadium of Fire to save the weekend!

  2. So, you're a RS teacher too? I HATE it when people won't comment. Shouldn't they just be glad that they're not teaching and help you out!

  3. For me, some lessons seem to go great guns and others just fall kind of flat. And it doesn't always seem to have much to do with my preparation or even the material. Most days, I think it's just the mood of the crowd,..


  4. I agree with Sue. I've done lessons that in my head were so meaningful and good, and I can't connect with the class to save my life. And then other ones that seem rather mundane will spark some spirited discussion. It's the same thing if you're teaching music in Primary. There's not a lot of rhyme or reason on the preparation end. It all comes down to your audience and what's going on there.
    Let it go. Next time will be better. I'm betting it was a holiday weekend, a lot of people were gone (I know they were in our ward) and even if they weren't, everyone is in holiday weekend mode. Not so condusive to sitting in Church. Sad but true.
    But what excitement there was with your grease fire! Great balls of fire, girl - you know how to party!

  5. Youth are funny that way...and not in the entertaining hahaha kind of funny way. I'm guessing they took in a lot, but for some reason they keep quiet about it...especially in mixed company.
    Your urge to say the pledge & sing the Star Spangled Banner made me laugh!! But I'm so glad the grease fire didn't cause too much damage.
    Thanks so much for the comment you left today. You can't know how much I appreciated it. Seriously, I haven't smiled too much since my husband went back to Iraq yesterday. But your comment made me feel better. Thanks!!! :)