Wednesday, June 23, 2010

an ode to the schroed (er)

Superman and Emma (aka kryptonite)

Dear Schroeder (aka Superman)

Thanks for folding all of the laundry last night, and putting it away too. I was stressing over that big time- the whole coming home to a messy house thing, crazy, I know. It was like having magic elves living in the house. Also thanks for scrubbing the black mold of death off of that danged tent with me, if it's toxic at least we'll die together! You pretty much swooped in and saved the day.

With much gratitude,
Smarty Pants (aka Lois Lane)


  1. "Ode to the Schroed." Gotta love it!

    You two do look like a sort of Superman/Clark Kent pair.


    PS. Hope the black mold of death doesn't get you...

  2. I love me a husband who sees just what you need and loves you enough to do it. He's a keeper! Have a good trek! (and don't die on the trail...)

  3. I need to add that I thoroughly enjoy your comments about my perceived age. In fact, I'm getting downright fond of you. But you should know that any photos of me are heavily, HEAVILY photoshopped. Gone are bags under the eyes, teeth are whitened, wrinkles wiped out. I LOVE photoshop.

  4. I love the whole superman thingie. That Emma is his his kryptonite. You are a clever girl.

    Black mold of death--at least we will die together--I will be quoting that for weeks...