Friday, June 18, 2010

You know that primary song, the one about pioneer children and how they sang as they walked and walked and walked get the picture. Well trek has started to feel that way to me. We've been prepping for it for 6 whole months, and now, just before we're about to leave, I'm so sick of it I could just about barf.

I still need to finish our family flag and I just can't get myself to do it. Our kid who I was counting on to be the creative force behind the whole thing bailed last minute leaving me hanging. Do we even need a family flag for pete's sake? Who really cares if there is a flag or not? I don't that's who.

I feel a bad attitude starting, and I'm doing my best to squish it before it ruins the whole danged experience. Pray for me people.


  1. Let's just state for the record, that I'm completely envious of your chance to go on a trek. I've wanted to forever, and my big kids and Brad went last summer. They loved it. Hang in there. I'll be hoping it's as great for you as it was for them.
    And if it's not. Too bad. Treks are for the youth, not for the poor adult suckers they trick into going too!

  2. I'll pray for you! I went on Trek when I was a teenager, and had so much fun! They asked if we'd be ma's and Pa's this time also, but I figured I'd probably be pregnant, so I had to pass. But it sounded like so much fun! I hope you have a great time!

  3. Oh Jess, you will be WONDERFUL, and will be some of your favorite memories together with the Schroeder!

    I will share one of my "Heather's rules for Happiness":

    Remember to be like Dori the fish, FORGET about the stuff that doesn't matter, and REFUSE to get DROWNED in the DETAILS.

    As Dori Says "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, what do we do, we swim, we swim :)"

    Love your guts!


  4. Hey OK, and only put the first one of those up if two came through... I have computer literacy issues.

  5. I have never wanted to go on a trek. I admire you greatly for making the effort to go, and even wanting to go. I'd have been one who died on the trail.

  6. hope you weren't on the bus that broke down 4 times. yuck.

  7. I think the reason the pioneers did it so well was because most of the time they just kinda got it sprung on them. The whole--leave now or die thing was probably pretty motivating and I am pretty sure no one had a flag.
    For the record--going on a trek--on purpose--is right up there with getting a root canal for me. They have to do it in a hospital and put me completely under. So you, my dear, are my new hero.