Thursday, July 15, 2010

ADD brain

Warning: there is no cohesiveness to this post, it's random bits of randomness.

I love those plain, boring days. The ones where you could sleep walk through the routine for all it's sameness. Bear and Emma are mauling each other, again, the laundry is going, again, and life is good, as usual. And I'm glad for it.

There's only about a month left before school- and we haven't done anything; must remedy. Movies tonight sounds good.

We measured for sod this morning, I think that there needs to be more work done on the sprinklers, but Schroeder disagrees. Oh well, if there's digging to be done later it's ok (note: it's ok cause I probably won't be the one doing it)

I have a hard time watching grown-ups who still play the annoying high-school-esque games with the whole cliques and excluding people thing. I just don't understand, and really never did.

I keep having strange dreams- where I have a baby all of a sudden, and then by the end of the dream I've lost it only to find it later in really weird places, like the bathroom cupboard and the laundry basket. No more allergy medicine right before bed, it's kinda freaking me out.

Some good tunes I've recently discovered and love:
Phoenix: 1901 (or anything on the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album really)
Neon Trees: Animal
Florence & the Machine: Heavy

Wow that's a lot of random junk- and it feel really good to get it out of my brain- you were warned, I apologize anyway. I wonder if that's what kids with ADD really do feel like, but don't you? Is it always that random and scattered?

I have admitted to having cleaning ADD, you know, where you start cleaning one thing and go to put something away in another room, and suddenly you start cleaning that new room and on and on and on. Until you discover that the whole day is gone, you've cleaned lots of things but the house, somehow, is still a mess. It's a bewildering feeling I tell you.

I'm not very good with wrap it all up ending paragraphs, not so good with the intros either to be perfectly honest. So that's all you get for a finisher.

Seriously, I'm done.


  1. Reading the results of you picking your mind is always interesting...

    Have a good weekend!


  2. I liked all of your random thoughts, and I've had a few of them myself. I especially liked your thoughts on cliques. I've never liked groups who exclude others in a really obvious way. Not nice. Not nice at all.

  3. You're wonderful!!! Who did the leaving out, I have to know now, lol. So excited for your sod.