Monday, July 19, 2010

dx & rx

We, and when I say we- it really means I'm the intermediary and that is all, are helping some neighbors diagnose the problem with their swamp cooler. I'm much better at humans you know.

Just ask Dr. K, who now knows exactly how to prescribe valtrex for shingles, it's all in my little head you know. I mean, sure it's in the special physician's desk reference book too, but my head is much gray-matterier anyway. It's a good thing I filled in today.

Anyway back to the swamp cooler, the thing must be fixed. I don't know how they survived today- as it's edging toward 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Popsicles can only take you so far, cold air is essential I tell you. Otherwise the alternative is wallowing in pools of your own sweat, and that is just gross. and smelly. and not very cool either.

Dx: broken fan belt thingy.

Rx: get a new one stat.


  1. We had a swamp cooler when I was young. It never quite seemed to do the trick.

    My Rx: forced air-type conditioning


  2. Agh... way too hot to go without air right now. I hope they get it fixed soon!