Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's 2 o'clock, and I still haven't showered. Gross, I know. I've been catching up on life, mostly on the computer, but still, catching up. But if only the laundry were this fun.

Now that Trek is over and the 4th of July breakfast and bake sale (of huge success) is done I can breathe normally again-but really, I want to cry, cause my house- of recent immaculateness- is the crap shack again.

How does this happen? I still don't know. It's like I look away from the glory and beauty of a clean house for one second, and BAM out of nowhere, mess elves come and ruin everything.

I have exactly 4 weeks before girl's camp, that means 4 weeks to make the house nice and organized, and clean again. To get all of these dishes back to their owners, and put the sod in. And sadly I fear, I will probably come home to the crap shack after camp, and have to start all over again. But the smell and roar of a campfire, and the fun of girl's camp is so worth the trade, but don't you think?


  1. Girls' camp is one of my favorite things ever. And since I have a nursing baby this year (and massively preggo last) I'll only be coming up for Bishop's night. Enjoy it for me. Wish I could keep your house straight for you while you're gone.

  2. Yep, YW camp is the best thing ever. Especially the time around the fire, the skits, and the testimony meeting.

    Not so much the skeeters...


  3. No one will ever remember that your house was immaculate. What they will remember is all they fun they had with you, so be all about the fun and the memories, I say. And have a s'more for me. Or five.

  4. Showering after 2 pm is a normal thing for me so don't feel badly!

  5. So NOT. But all my girls have loved girls camp thanx to brave and sweet women like you. I will come clean your house tho--just PLEASE don't make me go to camp!!