Saturday, July 10, 2010

A get out of jail free card?

Here's a story to warm your soul. You should sit down for this one, if you're not already.

It goes a little like this, the Schroeder nearly got him self arrested this morning. I'll back up to the incident, and you'll understand why I may or may not have bailed him out if he really did get put in the pokey.

As he was clearing a lot of weeds the mowing-cat-thingy threw a rock 75 or so yards and smacked right into the windshield of a passing truck. Shattering it right in front of the driver's side, poor passerby, nearly gave him a heart attack.

So the Schroedriver called the police, and lo and behold his license has expired! 6/7/10 it expired- a whole stinking month ago. In his defense, it is still his original 16-year-old-new-driver-license from 10+ years ago with so many renewal stickers it's sick. But really, it expired a month ago!

All I can say is it's a good thing he pays his tithing or something- cause bubble boy would not have done well in jail, and I don't think they take monopoly get out of jail free cards anyway.


  1. It's easy to let those lapse, I think. I've had to go take the test over again just because I forgot to renew.

    What a pain!


    PS. Glad he's no jailbird. ;)

  2. Wow - I'm glad he avoided being hauled off to jail! Was he sweatin' it a little?