Sunday, July 11, 2010

organization induced coma

It is true and not at all an exaggeration when I tell you that I hauled eight bags of garbage out of The Girl Child's play room last night. The Schroedad and I were in the hole, akin to the chokey- but entirely less drippy, setting up a bin system.

It began with me, Smarty Pants- mother of the year even, freaking out about the disaster zone that the 'play room' had become. The floor wasn't visible due to the copious amounts of junk splayed out like dead bodies. And it wasn't just toys either, clothes, shoes, missing dogs, ok not the last one- but they could have been there unawares to us. We found my niece's jacket that's been missing for a few months. And far too many spiders, one, but still far too many for my liking.

The Schroeder, bless him forever, was out looking at Ikea, Home Depot and Walmart until ten-o'clock, shopping for the bins and shelves. I think we finally stumbled to bed around one-thirty in the morning, but I've never slept better. The peaceful sleep that comes from organizing is second to none, but don't you agree?


  1. I do agree! It's such a good feeling to work as a team and clear out some space.

    I'm proud of ya both!!


  2. Oh yes - I totally agree. There's nothing like cleaning a closet or shoveling out a room to give you complete satisfaction and bone-tired weariness.

  3. In response to your comment: I don't really like to shop all that much, either. Just for shoes and makeup/bath/body products because they ALWAYS fit.

  4. bins are my favorite thing. when i buy them it inspires me to organize. there's nothing i love more than a closet or room stacked with organized bins.