Friday, August 27, 2010


Me at Girls Camp, no reason.

For your information:
ulcers + asthma noes not = pneumonia

It does, however, equal pain. Also taking mucinex for a chest cold that you don't have, can give you a belly ache. Add ibuprofen to the already precarious mix and voila~ ulcer flare up, or some such painful burning in the gut and chest area thing.

And lucky you, I won't even charge you a $40 co-pay. How's that for generosity? Charitable and nice and all, but don't you agree?

There is some good that came from all this: it was not in fact pneumonia so I am all set to hang out with Mommy Motherington -her rightfully earned title- it's kind of like a duke or an earl, you know.

Seeing as I have so very much planned- being quarantined from her would ruin all of said carefully laid plans. Can't have an icky sicky around the immuno-compromised, or so they say. What do those oncologists know anyway, right? Actually a lot more than I do, so I'd better listen for Motherington's sake.

End information transfer.

*I cannot be held accountable for what is contained in this post as my newly acquired medicine makes me feel like I've ingested 45 red bulls all at once. Salt, people, and more then just a grain.


  1. Ulcers. Not fun!

    Hope you are feeling A-OK very soon.


  2. I kind of like you when you're high. You're a little bit goofy but very entertaining.

  3. Love that pic if you!!! Sorry I've been MIA!!! we're house hunting!