Sunday, August 29, 2010

invasion of the body snatchers

See those eyes- they keep her out of a lot of trouble- only that's the trouble you know? What do you do with a suddenly super sassy girl? I particularly liked that bit of alliteration there, it was good- no?

Why is it that whenever there is something new, like a new school year for instance, she feels this impulse to test all of the boundaries? Sorry kiddo- bed time can't be eleven o'clock at night, due to the fact that you are eight and have to go to school (I can stay up that late because I'm twenty-nine, and can maybe squeeze in an afternoon nap). No you can't have marshmallows for dinner, those vegetables are what's for dinner. Sorry darling you can't drive the car either.

I feel like all I say lately is "no, umm no, and you heard my answer, it's still no"- and I dont' really like it. Yes is such a good word- yes you can do your homework, sure feel free to tidy up your room, of course you can play- as soon as your jobs are done and yes I love you more today than I did yesterday.

I'm hoping we can settle into a routine of normalcy soon, without the sass and drama that currently invades our house like swine flu, or possibly body snatching aliens.


  1. Hang tough, Jess. This, too, shall pass. (Well, maybe not...but at least, the subject matter will change!)


  2. I agree - hang in there! They do love to test the boundaries and it will drive you nuts. First it will be this, and then it will be that. But remain strong, and then one fine day, it will stop. *angel choirs will sing* And she will love you for it. She may not say so, but she will.