Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a word aptly spoken


I know it's not a very impressive word, and all too often it's misunderstood- like a 16 year old girl, misunderstood. Usually people equate this word with less than stellar performance, a half-hearted try, only so-so.

I'm here to inform you that my word- to describe me is so much more than a job poorly done.

Literally it means half way up the mountain, it comes from the Latin mediocris. This word doesn't describe how far I have to go, or how much more I have to do. It tells how far I've come- halfway there- on my way to the top is better than standing at the bottom, looking up and refusing to try.

I am mediocre, hear me roar


  1. Brilliant. Often words lose their original meanings, and I love how you worked this. Fantastic. Really. Thanks for writing. I loved reading all of these.

  2. I love that - very nicely done! You've made it quite wonderful.

  3. Your word reminds me of another post from Jen's blog, where the woman's word was "unfinished." Except you've chosen a word with a connotation that isn't all that "desirable."

    I'm glad you explained it further. I find it endearing and so "Jess" that you don't care a bit about the connotation, because what you're talking about is the Latin meaning for mediocris...halfway there and climbing.

    I love the way you march to your own drummer.

    That said, I do have to stress that the connotative meaning of mediocre fits you not at all!