Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have this list of things- well I have lots of lists, I love lists. But this list in particular, it's not a bucket list, or anything dramatic like that- it's my "I'll get around to it, eventually" list

You know that list of things, the ones that never quite get done? They never move to the top of the list, and maybe, just maybe, one day might get checked off. (If the wind conditions are just right and there is a full moon or some other cosmic anomaly, that all come together by happen-chance.) Like waxing that hair between your eyebrows- you know it needs to get done, but somehow it gets put off for one more day, until you look like Bert, then finally you get to it.

Yes, that list. Mine seems rather long recently. It's also taking many more mundane chores into it's ranks. Must remedy. Tomorrow.

Thankfully it's not gotten to the point that taking a shower or other personal hygiene practices are on this list.

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  1. I love making lists, and I happen to have just the list you describe.