Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hair done

There it is folks- my hair, curled even- a miracle, I know.

Did you know that you can curl your hair with a flat iron? Well, I can't, but other people can. It seems a little counter intuitive- curling with a flat iron- but that is how that head of hair do was done.


  1. I like. Very cute! I've curled my hair with a flat iron before but its harder to do than with a curling iron. But I really like the new look!

  2. Very Cute! Though I do hate how when I get my hair done they can do those awesome styles with tools that I TRY to use, but fail at miserably. Thanks for reminding me that I desperately need a new cut. You do look adorable. :)

  3. If I looked that cute I might try to grow my hair back out