Monday, September 20, 2010

shameless plugs

I'm sure you've all been wondering just what happened to Jess, or maybe even I miss that Smarty Pants something fierce. Well I wish I has some fabulously dramatic story to tell you, one that involves hospitals or ambulances or maybe a house fire or something equally juicy. Sorry, I've just been busy/lazy.

I know that was a bit oxymoronic, as opposed to just plain old moronic, but the days were so busy that I'd fall into a sleep-like stupor in the evenings, leaving nothing for my computer. It was as if I'd suddenly confessed to an affair with the internet and was forced to quit cold-turkey. Lucky for you, bad habits don't die that easily for me.

SO my first shameless plug, see Lisa- I do want to win that gift card to Amazon, I need some new reading material, is to rename a blog as the old title no longer applies. Hallelujah! Go check her out and give her a new moniker to be known by.

My second shameless plug, which isn't really a plug at all, is for my little brother- who is currently residing at the MTC in Provo, UT.

He is supposed to be going to Mexico City, Mexico- but is re-assigned to St. George (hehe) until the visa issues get worked out. Apparently it involves a potential visit to the consular, which sounds cool- but I'll bet it's really just waiting in lots of lines to get a stamp or something ridiculous. So if you know anyone in the Mexican consulate who could expedite this process- feel free to shamelessly plug away.

End of unabashed advertisement transmission

p.s I did get my hair cut- there was lots of hair on the floor when she was done, but somehow she kept most of the length. More tomorrow, potentially a picture.


  1. I did miss you! And I want to see the picture!

    (I already tried to name Lisa's blog. But really, I'd just like to have her keep the name the same as it always has been. I liked it!)


  2. 1. I missed you too
    2. I can't think of anything clever enough for Lisa's blog
    3. I don't know anyone in the Mexican consulate. One of my brothers went to Mexico on his mission but that was decades ago.
    4. I demand a picture of the hair.