Thursday, September 16, 2010

take me to the zoo- or the fair will do

The day before today The Girl Child laced up her filthiest tennis shoes and went on a field trip to the state fair, all to see the huge display of ribbon winning cows, and their poop.

And there were cows galore, on account of the FFA. There one that was as huge as the inside of a ford focus, one that was tall and skinny. There were horses, and goats and bunnies, and a crocodile that you had to pay ten bucks to see.

Well ten bucks is a lot to pay to see a crocodile, I mean we could go to the zoo and see lots of animals for ten bucks. Now if there were a bearded lady, or the man with webbed hands I may have paid to see that- but probably not.

Too bad she got sick and had to come home early- now I'll never know if, in fact, there were any other great attractions at the fair. And there was no time for cotton candy. I think it's a rule or something that cotton candy must be consumed at the fair, or the universe is thrown cataclysmically out of balance. If the world suddenly ceases, I'm sorry- and I blame the cotton candy


  1. I love going to the county fair. So much delicious fried food that will totally block your arteries just thinking about it. And the animals and the exhibits and the rides! My friend and I used to go every year - she was there with the current lamb she'd raised - and we had the best time. Too bad Little Miss got sick. Hope she's better now?

  2. Ten bucks to see a crocodile? That's a royal rip-off, dude.

    (And no cotton candy???)

    That's just sad.

    Hope she's feeling better now.


  3. I grew up in a town with the largest county fair in the country. How I miss the fair.
    Lucky kid--aside from the sick part.

  4. Trust me, you saved yourself $60.