Sunday, October 10, 2010

9 /10 ain't bad

My brain child was born, well one of them anyway, it was a long and very intensive gestation and labor, like that of an elephant. The pumpkin truffles are perfected, 9 out of 10 tasters agree.

I've been stewing on these babies for nearly a year, and working obsessively all week. Trying different variations, a pinch more of this, a lot less of that, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate. White, definitely, white.

You'd think after all of that hard work I'd at least take a picture of 1 of my babies, alas, I was too overcome to think of the camera at a moment like that.

So now, I'm even starting to contemplate selling my truffle babies (wassail, and eggnog are nearly ready). I even have the perfect name- wait for it- Tiny Truffles. It makes a sparkly vision in my head when I say it. Tiny Truffles- see there it is again.

All I need is just a few elves to do the hard labor, for free, and someone who can design a cute logo. Maybe the tooth fairy, or the Easter Bunny- it's his off season you know.

I think I would actually do it if I were more of a risk taker, but I speak safety and security, not entrepreneur or small business loan. I need to learn a few more languages apparently- why not French, too, while I'm at it?

*No testers, or animals, were harmed in the making of this product


  1. Pumpkin truffles sound... well, delicious and wonderful is how they sound. I would like to know more about them without you exposing any trade secrets. I'd also like to know more about your licorice caramels and the Oreo truffles. Seriously - candy totally intimidates me. Are these things easy or hard to make? Email me at Let us talk candy. I'm in awe of your candy making talents.

  2. I can't believe you didn't take a picture!