Monday, October 11, 2010

actual conversation

Schroeder: Hey, Babe- would you need a centrifuge for anything?

Smarty Pants: Um, no... Why?

Schroeder: I was just checking,
I found one for ten bucks

My friend told me when she was first married she had dreams/nightmares that her husband would cheat on her. He never did.

My dreams/nightmares are that Schroeder brings home some new, and ridiculously unnecessary thing which he will never part with again. My Schroesband has hoarder like tendencies, and this very well could happen.


  1. Better a hoarder than the alternative...


    PS. Love the "Shroesband." heehee

  2. I used to date someone like that. We ain't datin' no more. I need my LaMar to keep Me from hoarder like tendencies.

  3. Oh - and I am most interested in learning more about making candy. I need to get a candy thermometer. That would be the first step. I would love to learn how to make caramel. In any form.