Wednesday, October 27, 2010

an explanation and a giveaway

It's 1:35 pm and there is snow- on the ground, all sticking like, with no plans to melt. And here I was, just saying how it finally felt like fall, sweaters and flip-flops and all- then out of nowhere we have snow. ummm- I think winter is getting a little ahead of itself, and I don't think I'm too pleased either. I'll let you know when I decide.

So on to the real reason for this post. Jen convinced me I should give away a sampling of my tiny truffles, twisted my arm right into it I tell you. Ok- so maybe it was just a suggestive comment, but still she's the reason- so thank her if you win.

Seeing as I have no idea how to do this whole giveaway thing; what conditions to place upon it, what hoops to make you jump through, I'll keep it simple. Leave a comment saying that you'd actually like to try them and I'll make the Schroedecider pick a name from a bowl. Easy enough right?

And now for the explanation, indicated in the title. It's about the hovercraft- what a story- it goes like this, with only minor embellishments- for entertainment's sake only though.

Once upon a time a young man was talking to an old farmer- the young man totally gets the old farmers, seeing as he is one- at heart anyway. The old farmer takes the young man on a walk of the farm, and lo and behold, there was a hovercraft sitting.

Being the Y chromosomed being that he is, he ogled and admired said hovercraft. So the old farmer generously offered the hovercraft to the young man, free of charge. And so the young man dragged that sucker home, hoping to gain forgiveness from his lovely and kind wife, seeing as he failed to chat with her about such and acquisition- it was free of charge after all.

She forgave him, but, occasionally and very silently, she loathes the hovercraft in private. Cursing it's state of in- between-motors-at-the-time, and it's lack of motivation to even find one. But sometimes, especially at Christmas, the lovely and tolerant wife actually likes the old thing. Mostly due to it's usefulness as a decoration, and because it's Christmas, good will to all, and such.

And now you know the story of the hovercraft that sits in my garden, and how it came to be- at my house anyway. I don't know how it got to the old farmer's house, or what his wife thought about it either.


  1. Thanks for the hovercraft explanation.
    And since I'm to "blame" for the giveaway, maybe you should just do away with the whole giveaway thing and send them directly to me? Sounds simpler, right?

  2. Yeah!!! Stick my name in that bowl!

  3. I want to try them! Oh! Oh! Me, me! Pick ME! I just know I love your truffles, so pick me. Especially if they're pumpkin.

  4. I want some truffles! (How's that for an expression of interest?)

    And I love the hovercraft story...


  5. First, the old farmer in this story was a widower. He didn't need to ask permission.

    Second, another old farmer once taught me this classic saying- "For free take. For buy waste time."

    As for the truffle giveaway... You should have your followers write in to tell you what they would do or say if their significant other were to come home with a find such as mine. Best comment wins.

  6. I didn't get it till I scrolled down to the next post and there it was--a REAL hovercraft!! Oh my gosh--I can cross that off my bucket list! Meeting someone who owns a hovercraft--check.
    Simply amazing.
    And I can't believe I missed out on truffles.
    Simply amazing.