Saturday, October 23, 2010

the things fall brings

It finally feels like fall- the leaves are starting to pile up and it's the perfect shade of cloudy.

My pumpkins are just the right color for picking (yes that is a hovercraft sitting in my garden) It's practically the perfect time of year.

And best of all- I think I just found a venue in which to sell my tiny truffles. Pumpkin and cookies & cream for now, then after I perfect them, eggnog and wassail too. It was one of those happy accidents- serendipity I believe it's called.

Boxes- pretty little boxes. I need to find some to package those tiny truffles in. Maybe plain white boxes with ribbon tied on. what do you think? Oh the possibilities. I love the sparkly nesting and cooking feelings that fall brings. The ideas that suddenly pop into my brain- visions of sugar plums even!

It makes me wonder why my brain is so much more active in the fall-ish times. Do you know? I sure don't- but I've learned not to look a good idea horse in the mouth, or however that expression goes.


  1. My brain always works better in cool weather. I think it jars me awake or a nice, brisk slap in the face!


    PS. Good luck with your truffles. Wish I could taste the pumpkin ones. I had some pumpkin yogurt yesterday that was heaven.

  2. Truffles. I think you need a blog giveaway.
    Just sayin'.
    And I need to have the hovercraft explained, please.

  3. The hovercraft is the next blog raffle. Surprise!!

  4. Pumpkin truffles sound heavenly! I'm excited to hear how you're going to sell them. I want some. Do you have a Sur La Table store near you? ( I don't know how national they are.) Anyway, I know they're online. They have an amazing array of boxes and papers in which to gift candy and baked goods. Check them out - although they won't be the cheapest option. After you've seen their ideas, check to see what's on Amazon. There's another website, Bake It Pretty, that may have boxes and such as well. Heck - email Bakerella and ask her for a source! I've always loved white boxes with pretty skinny ribbon. I have a great ribbon source. If you tell me what you want I can look and see what I can find. Beautiful ribbon and SO INEXPENSIVE! Gosh, I think I'm getting more excited than you!