Friday, October 29, 2010

Things that should stay

You know that game I have- things that must go? Well I have another version for you today, it's Things that should stay. I'm sure you all have your lists too, of those things that just make life a little nicer. I know you're thinking of them in your head- I'll wait.

Girl child going to bed nicely- that definitely should stay for a long time, or at least until she moves out.

Mirror notes- I love writing on the mirror with dry erase markers, especially since I can't ever find a pen, or blank paper

Those really great ideas that pop right into my head while I'm in the shower- especially since I now write them on the mirror and actually remember them

And speaking of showers- nice hot showers at the end of the day- then I can get into bed all snuggly, and my sheets are perfectly chilly and the pillow is just the right degree cold. The cold side of the pillow is a luxury unto it self, but don't you agree?

Compliments about my brains or otherwise genius self- not that compliments in the form of 'you look nice' aren't accepted too. It's just that the ones about my brains are so much more appreciated.


  1. I love me a cool bed and cold pillow. These are difficult to achieve here in the valley, but it's all relative, right?
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I like the compliments about brains better, too. Though I'm not adverse to a looks one, if I can get it.


    PS. Come back if you get a chance and re-read the story poem. I made the ending better, i think.

    A Halloween Tale of Terror

  3. Oh is there anything nicer than a soft bed and a cool pillow? You made me homesick for bed right now!

  4. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I am smart
    And so are you!

    Its all I got...