Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas decorating- Charlie Brown edition

When we first got married, we found a great deal on a fake tree. It was pre-lit and 6.5 feet tall. I loved that tree. Unfortunately it didn't love us- the lights on the top third went out, and then the middle section went out. Being the smart people we are, we promptly returned it and asked to switch it for a non broken one. A week before Christmas.

Too bad for us the Costco was actually out of trees, and had been for weeks. I already said we were Smart, as my moniker would lead you to believe.

So I was a sad and, honestly a little miffed, Smarty Pants that year. Lucky me I have a Schroesanta- who swooped in and saved the day. He found a little tree-after he checked all the stores and even the tree lots, and came up empty. It's a Charlie Brown tree if ever there was one. Judge for yourself, but don't say I didn't warn you. The best part is that on the box, next to the made in China stamp, it said "shinny tree". seriously. It's a running joke now.

Without further ado, I give you the shinny tree

She's a beaut, isn't she. I especially love the 6 inch gap between the bottom and middle sections.
Nice right?

Some how, though, I just can't part with the ugly little bugger. He's grown on me. and The Girl Child did an exceptional job of decorating it this year. She required 'no assistance' this year please. So Schroedad and I just watched, and congratulated her at the appropriate moments, and scratched backs while she did all of the hard work. I think I like that new tradition.


  1. Every few years I'll have a Christmas where it's hard to get motivated to decorate. This is one of those years. Do you rent her out? I could use the munchkin help.

  2. Wow, your tree definitely has some character :)
    I guess mine actually COULD be worse. Thanks for the pick me up. Did you at least get your money back on the dud from Costco?

  3. That made me laugh out loud! Love the ornament clusters.

  4. I like your shinny tree. It definitely does give that Charlie Brown Christmas feel!


  5. we have the cotsco 6.5 foot prelit tree. i love the prelit part. much easier to go into my basement and put my tree up than go out into the cold and buy one:)