Friday, December 3, 2010

things I learned while traveling

There are few things that make me cringe more than the words traveling during the holidays. One of them is:4 hour layover, at the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, NV.

I've come to know that the McCarran airport is literally hell on earth, my version anyway. And the spirit whispered to me it is true.

I have a simple math problem to prove it.

What do you get when you add
1. a wall of glass, untinted, so that lets the maximum amount of retina burning sunshine glare off of the tarmac in.

2.lots of nice airplanes (but never the one that takes you home) flashing by, making the light appear to have a strobe light effect.

3. slot machines, lots and lots of them. All ringing and dinging without stop.

Add all of this together, for 4 mind numbing hours, and it's a seizure waiting to happen, or a nasty migraine in my case.

It's a good thing The Girl Child is such a seasoned traveler, and aware of the rules of traveling. She made the whole experience better with her budding sense of humor, and her mother's snarcastic view on things. Take for example the following conversation.

Schroedad: That lady sitting across from you was totally sizing you up.

Smarty Pants: I didn't notice, I was over here trying not to yak. (see above)

Schroedad: She kept looking at her ring. It was huge.

Smarty Pants: Maybe they just got married here, and she's getting used to it.

Schroedad: Nope, I was listening while I was doing my crossword, and they have kids.

Girl Child- interrupting: So you were eavesdropping?

Schroedad: Yup.

Girl Child: I hear that's rude these days

Perfect comedic timing from the 8 year old.


  1. heehee

    A chip off the old block, she is.


  2. i have spent DAYS, and i mean DAYS waiting around for flights out of that horrid airport. i slept there overnight once b/c i was that desperate. i dislike that airport very very much. and avoid it always.

  3. Hmmm... I've never been to that airport. Its close enough to drive, I guess. I like your daughter's sense of humor.

  4. You forgot to mention the smell. I have not been in that airport for 3 years, but I was in it at least once a year for the 6 years before that, and it always smelled horribly. I don't miss that place AT ALL!