Friday, November 26, 2010

What- did you think I'd actually post whilst on vacation?

Well, if you did, you're right.

I'll sneak a quick recap in for all of you who are just dying to know exactly what there is to do in northern Illinois. Short answer: a whole lotta nothing. Unless you count tornado warnings, tornado sightings and The Girl Child freaking out in the basement, then, it's something.

That tornado day, that was probably the most eventful day of the whole trip. Other than that, playing nertz, boot and glove aka hand foot and mouth, whoonu, and a million other games, eating, lots and lots of eating- really good things, too. Oh and movies, lots of movies. I love Thanksgiving, I love a whole week of Thanksgiving even more.


  1. We lived in central Illinois for a while. It was nice enough, but it always kind of smelled like cornflakes. Oh, and for Thanksgiving, we drove three hours to go to Nauvoo for a few days. Now THAT was a fun Thanksgiving.

  2. Hand and foot? We could come over for a game!

  3. We're having fun, too, and I'm not even going to post until Monday. I'm just rushing through to see what everyone else is doing...


  4. Sounds fun, except I thought hand foot was a confused...

  5. What a good time with your family! It sounds wonderful.