Saturday, February 12, 2011

5 ramdom things: jr. high edition

5 reasons I'm glad I'm no longer in jr. high school

1. the awkward valentines dance

2. puberty

3. gum, and other gross stuff, on the bottom of the desk

4. assemblies about not hazing or don't do drugs

5. the smells emanating out of the boy's locker room


  1. Jr High is just an awkward time of life. Period. The end. You couldn't pay me enough to go back there.

  2. Darn it - the comment above was really me, but I didn't realize that my daughter had signed in on her account. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. How about having to weigh yourself at PE or ACNE or realizing that you like boys and they like your older sister? yikes, too much from me.

  4. It was so traumatic for me I have mostly just blocked it out. Seriously, I can't remember much at all. I do remember having the mad skill of being able to get changed in my gym locker and my school being round and being the Leader of the Winged Monkeys in THe WIzard of Oz---but thats about it. Bet you wish you had been me huh.....

  5. I kinda liked the dances, but you nailed the rest!


  6. Anna-you poor soul. I never had to weigh myself and I don't have any sisters.

    Lisa- I'm with you- I really don't remember much, thankfully.