Tuesday, February 8, 2011

apparently I didn't try hard enough

Some how, and by that, I mean the word 'yes' came out of my mouth when I wasn't looking, I've agreed to something I never thought I'd willingly do. Actually 2 somethings I really didn't ever want to do.

I don't know what possessed me to think it was ok to agree to sing, in public, by myself, but that's what I've agreed to do. When I realized what, exactly, I agreed to, I nearly fell over in one of those dizzycauseiforgottobreathe spells.

I'm more of what you'd consider a shower singer- home exhibition only. And no, the church choir thing doesn't count- cause that's a choir, not a solo. And strangely I feel morally obligated to be in the choir- maybe because my mom was the choir director once?

And worse, this really nice lady called and was chatting to me about the PTA, and she said they were thinking of someone to be on the board and my name came up. Somewhere in between the compliments, and not really understanding what was happening- I became the treasurer for the PTA for next year. I think that was mostly due to my ego being easily inflated that I lost my senses momentarily.

Don't worry, I'll be on my guard from now on. No more fast ones being pulled on me, by those tricky people who I just can't say no to. Dang them for being so nice, and complimentary. I guess I didn't try hard enough during the DARE program.


  1. I have fallen into that trap more times than I can tell you.
    Way too many times.
    (And, sometimes, I still go there.)

    Good luck, Jess!

    Go, no!!


  2. I HATE when that happens! I'm like you - flattery will get me to say yes to almost anything. I'm an idiot for compliments sometimes. But you can sing? Really? That's kind of exciting. You have taken on a new dimension. When I see you in April you shall sing for me. (kidding... just kidding...)

  3. I feel a youtube video coming on........

    You can't just tease us with that and then leave us hanging....

    And as far as the PTA is concerned YOU ARE DOOMED I SAY--DOOMED!!!


    What you are is a good person and mom and contributing member of society. You will be awesome.