Saturday, February 5, 2011

valentine's day and the pdap

I wish I could love Valentine's day- but there's this part of me that goes into near convulsive nausea whenever one of those stupid commercials comes on, so I can't. You know the ones, they start with a car and a big red bow, and end with kissing and an air of superiority. I just don't believe that every kiss begins with Kay, more likely miller lite or some other chemical aphrodisiac. kidding. sort of.

When did it turn into an over-commercialized over candied joke? I remember making valentines boxes at school and giving out valentines with he-man or smurfs saying some witty valentines poem about being blue if you aren't my valentine. And you brought a bag of conversation hearts for the whole class to share. Now all of the valentines are made to be attached to a candy bar- sold separately- for each kid in class.

Why did this happen? And more importantly, how did this happen?

I want to love Valentine's day- there's a little romance in this overly-practical girl. I like flowers, just not three times the regular price for one stupid day flowers. I'm all about expressions of love- just not forced, nerve racking expressions of love.

I'll confess something. In high school my friend and I made our own little club- silly I know. It was the PDAP. The public display of affection police. We took it upon ourselves to rid the halls of all gross and overt displays of public affection, we made little yellow felt sheriff's badges and carried squirt guns and everything. Our busiest day of the year was always Valentine's day.

I theorize-

For some reason the boys would cave to the pressure to:
a. get a girlfriend
b. buy that girlfriend gifts

I think it had something to do with the fact the the girls would cave to the pressure to:
a. hold hands
b. kiss a lot

Man I loved squirting the makers-out right in the nose, then watching them sputter all over their partner in crime's face. classic.

A rebel with a half-crap cause so to speak


  1. My husband is not allowed to spend money on me for Valentines Day--I hate how commercialized it is. Somehow though a See's box of chocolates finds its way to my computer desk around February 13th--and thats okay---yum. Huzzah! Hypocrisy is alive and well in the middle of nowhere Montana!

    You must have been the brave girl in school---

  2. That- I love- he's a keeper.

    And not brave- just sassy.

  3. Go, PDAP!

    (I wish I'd known you then...We would have had some fun.)


  4. I sort of like Valentine's Day. I like getting flowers at work (although you're right - I did have to tell him once that I NEVER wanted to be the only girl in the office without flowers on V-Day ever again. So yeah... it's a little forced.) But I also like treating LaMar to a little something special. It's his day too.
    And really? Squirting people in the face? And you never got beat to a bloody stump?