Tuesday, February 22, 2011

insert snarky title here

Seriously there are no words. A family in a town about 30 minutes north of me threw their daughter a party for her 6th birthday... and spent $32,000 on it. Yes you read that right.

They were on a show on TLC called over-the-top birthday parties. Um- over-the-top, really, ya think? That's pure insanity, not over the top. Who does this- seriously? I don't care if TLC really did pitch in a little, that's just wrong.

Who has 2,000 guests for a 6 year old's party- what 6 year old even knows 2,000 people? And costumes for them all! I can think of a way better use of 32 grand. Even if I had nothing that I needed it for- I still wouldn't spend it on a birthday party. There's a million things that kind of money could do, how many lives it could save, how many kids it could educate, how many books I could read.

The funny thing- both Schroedad and I asked the same question when we saw this on the news.
Smarty Pants: How long does she have left? Schroedad: Is she gonna die? Answer: Nope.

Even if someone offered to throw a party like this for the Girl Child, and I didn't have to pay a dime, I still wouldn't let it happen- not even for a wedding. Because that's just nuts.


  1. Saw that on the news last night. Told Sean they could have helped the economy by giving us that money to help pay off more of our student loans. OR bought a car. Whichever.

  2. And then they wonder why these kids grow up all entitled and unmotivated!

    I have a HUGE soapbox about these things but will save you my tirade.