Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the snapshot that ruined her night

And here I was thinking that she spent hours reading
too bad the camera woke her up and she had to read for another half-hour to get back to sleep
Bad Mommy


  1. Love it - a good book is also a sleep aid.

  2. 30 minutes more reading is nothing compared to having this photo forever. It is awesome.

  3. Wanna hear something weird? Brad woke me up early this morning--five am. I was musing about getting up, and the thought crossed my mind that I hadn't read your blog in a while. But you had commented on mine . . . I stewed for a few minutes, used the bathroom, threw in a few loads of laundry, came downstairs and discovered that you'd disappeared from my blog roll. It took me ten minutes to find you again (thanks, Sue). Whew. I was worried.
    I'm caught up.
    And I've missed you.
    Love the winter picture. And your Jazz game experience. TLC has really lost it, in my opinion. I was a fan when they were a fledgling, but they're just plain pandering to the worst in society right now.
    Love ya and missed ya, Jess.