Wednesday, March 16, 2011

just exactly right

You know what's funny- sometimes I'll pray for something, get an answer and not recognize it. My blindness is an art form.

How lucky I am that Heavenly Father is all perfect and stuff, and He'll patiently tell me again, and then send some fantastic thing to get my attention, so I'll recognize just how cool He really is.

Let me explain- the 10 virgins program; that sucker stretched me way beyond my comfort zone. I thought I was being so good and serving just like I was supposed to, even though I didn't necessarily jump for joy about it at first. It was scary. Silly me, I wasn't the one being all righteous and self sacrificing- it was an answer to my prayers. The kind with flashing lights and a neon sign, the kind that I finally pay attention to. Message received.

I learned that I'm supposed to stop worrying about all the stuff I've been nuts about- and just focus on living. And not just any old living- living the gospel kind of living. Sharing my testimony more boldly, and being a living example of it. I'm actually not in a state of limbo, like I whined and complained about being in, and I'm happy to know it.


  1. Thats why I am always very careful to never pray for patience. The bells and whistles answer I get for an answer to that one knock me over every time......

    But seriously--sounds like wonderful things are happening over your way ---Amen! :0)

  2. I love it when things come together and life is good. It always helps to realize you've learned a life lesson in the process. Becoming refined is a long process but it's nice to see, from time to time, how shiny we're getting along the way!

  3. I think we climb and climb in life, and it always feels good to get to one of those plateaus, take a little breather, and just look down to see how far we've come. Even the most rugged scenery looks beautiful from that vantage point.

    Before long, we start climbing again...but we're much more refreshed and ready for the journey.

    I'm glad you're getting to look at the "big picture" and feeling the clarity it brings. I'm hoping to join you, because it feels like I've been doing the horizontal hike lately and going around in circles.

    I think I'll start by trying to follow your example...letting go of all the worries and just living the gospel.

    I can do that!


  4. but the hard part is remembering that when you're in the dumps! heard the program of it was amazing. so bummed i didn't think of coming to your ward instead of going to mine!!!

  5. I'm sooooo behind on your blog! So anyway... I thought you did a wonderful job on the program. Sorry it's taken me so long to tell you that. :)