Thursday, May 19, 2011


So I've been thinking, yes it hurt, about writing down all of the hilariousness that spews forth from The Girl Child's mouth. The problem with that is that as soon as it's published she'll say some more funny things and I'll wish that they were in it too. So maybe i should just keep collecting those gems and wait till she's a snarky teenager and then embarrass the crap out of her by publishing it then.

Your thoughts?

Also maybe I might have been contemplating turning this here sucker into a food blog, seeing as I've become ever more reclusive and there's only so much a hermit can actually write about.

Here's my first installment- Recipe for toast

1- get a toaster
2- plug in said toaster
3- put bread, any variety you'd like
4-push down the toaster button
6-put cooked toast on a plate
7-top with butter, jam, nutella or other topping of chioce


  1. peaunut butter and honey. that is my "other topping of choice." this rain does not have our walking plans in mind. i'll text you.

  2. When you open it, hot comes out.
    (Name the show)

  3. Brilliant!
    Can I vote for how to make the elusive pb&j next?

    I try to embarrass my teenagers at least 5 times a week. You get extra points if its baby pictures shown to a date or funny comments made when they were young shared with the world.

  4. At last, the perfect food blog!

    As for your daughter, just make sure you write it all down, one way or the other. I thought I'd never forget the things my kids said, and I was wrong.


  5. Sue is right - you do forget so much that, if I could just remember, was hilarious. Write it down. Food blog? Heheheh... you know how I love anything about food...

  6. Where are you, Jess? Is everything okay? I'm not only missing you, but now I'm starting to worry, too.


  7. Saw this, thought of you! (Sigh, I wish I knew what happened to your email address - I can't find it :(

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