Monday, May 9, 2011

back from hiatus and an actual conversation

Roofs leak, girl's camp meetings must be attended, I run an orphanage, and mommas visit. What can I say- life happens, and the first thing to go is luxury time, sorry for the silence.

My mother's day gift form Girl Child? Laughter, oh and toast in bed- crumbs brushed over to Schroedad's side of course.

In sacrament meeting on Mother's day the primary children always sing, Girl Child got all the way to the stairs this year before skittering back- a record.

Actual Conversation prior to the meeting's start

Smarty Pants: Are you going to go up there and sing to me this year?

Girl Child: Ok, but only if you promise to cry (after a lengthy pause for consideration I might add).


  1. Glad to see you back here 'round these parts.


    PS. Hey, at least she gave it a try on the singing, right?

  2. Now that surprises me that Emma would have a problem going up to sing. I rather pictured her going up, belting out a few Lady Gaga tunes and taking a bow. Maybe next time...
    Glad you're back - I missed you!

  3. HEEEYYY! I have missed you!

    The whole Primary singing for Mother's Day ALWAYS makes me smile. All my children have finally graduated, I mean, I had no children in Primary this year--it was an odd feeling. But I played the piano--an interesting perspective.

    Glad to see you back!

  4. Welcome back! I was beginning to worry about you ;) It's so crazy to me to think that Maddie will be standing up there with all the kids next year. Kids grow up just too darn fast. I still remember Emma being that little. Happy late mothers day to you! :)

  5. Where have you been? I've missed you!
    I can't imagine having a shy child like that. I have the one that invariably is picking his nose and yelling. Not good.

  6. hahahahaha, OH EMMA!!! one day she'll be up there and you'll get that song;)