Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Springy days are here again

Today was a really good spring day- the kind where you cook your food outside and then eat it outside too, where you play and play until you fall into bed happily exhausted- day.

This morning at the end of the walk I smelled the most delicious food sizzling away, it was nearing noon so I guess burgers were legit. Shoot anything that smells that good is legit. It inspired tonight's polish hot dog and roasty green bean dinner, eaten on the front porch of course.

Life doesn't get simpler than this, or better for that matter. Good food, good weather, longer days filled with everything- all those things that hibernate for the winter. The go cart made it's spring debut, sporting a new and properly inflated tire with its wardrobe. The garden is begging to be worked on, prepped for pretty flowers and mulch and other such garden-y things. and the great thing is that I'm itching to do them. I love the feel of my bare hands in the soil, very soul soothing and such. It's time for a trip to the nursery.

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